Our brand was born from the idea that all the travel lovers would have dreamed of :
“I want to bring back this fantastic feeling of being here to my home with something made in this country! "  The items from far away places could be wonderful spices for your life. With them, your meals could taste different, your fashion could look different, and your house could look different. So, they are something that lightens up your everyday life.


Ricadia offers you bohemian items which is made by artisans who inherit their country's culture to this day. But in many cases, they are suffering from poverty. We wish to support their lives by connecting you and them. You can buy cheap mass-produced bohemian items at stores. But if you really love their unique culture, why don’t you buy products made by people who inherit and shoulder their own culture?

"Rica dia" means "Good day" in Spanish. Through our business, we wish to bring a good day to you and artisans!

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