Guatemala is the country that has a long history and rich culture about textile. There are more than 20 of indigenous tribes and each of them has its unique technique, pattern and use of color. Some patterns are using nature in their environment as motifs and some others are made from ancient folklores. So, we can feel their lives from ancient age through their textiles. With some exceptions such as textiles made by foot looms, Guatemalan textiles has been made by women. And usually, they are in charge of house holding works and means of earning money are very limited. Weaving and selling textiles, that is something they can do in their intervals of house holding works, is an important source of income for them.


Our brand started importing their products to introduce you their amazing hand crafts and to support their lives. We import some products from local families directly and the others through reliable organizations which create artisans network in Guatemala and manage their production. 


 As members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), they are following Fair Trade principles - ensuring that artisans earn a livable wage. On top of several workshops regarding textils, they provide other social programs including educational scholarships to the children of artisans, micro-loans, and maternity leave for women weavers. 


TRAMA is100% worker-owned women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala since 1988, civill war period. Today, they are providing work for over 400 women and their families, across five regions in Guatemala’s Western highlands. They pay the women up front and in full for their work, and women are guaranteed a fair wage for what they produce.  

Families in san antonio aguascalientes

 San antonio aguascalientes is located in South Guatemala. This small town is know for weavers' amazing technques such as double-faced weaving. Tourists love to visit here to purchase their handcrafted works or to lern how to weave. 

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